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Music Producer/DJ Chris Lyons DJ

Chris Lyons DJ

Music producer and DJ living/working in Bologna, Italy and Canary Islands.

Chris' uplifting, synthwave-inspired house music brings you to the beaches of Canary Islands, after a surf session, chilling our or dancing, in a state of soothing excitement... regardless of where you are.

In 2018 he created Riding the Soundwave, a series of Progressive House / Melodic Progressive / Vocal Trance Djsets inspired to Surfing.

In 2021 he launched Connections and Multiverse, fresh and cutting-edge releases in progressive electronic music.

His programmes are broadcast every week on webradios such as Radio eibiza (France), Maxximixx Electra (Israel), DanPen Radio (Hungary), check out live music section for this week's live shows.

You might also want to check out his two spinoff music projects, Numatra and Mint Attack.

You can listen to everything he's done directly from socials, starting from the Listen & Follow section of this website, or you can jump directly to a few tracks & djsets samples and a list of programmes and albums.

Here is a few people and websites he would like to thank and more credits to other artists' work.

Live Streaming

Webradio and Live Video

  • Radio eibiza

    Every Sunday
    18:00-20:00 (eibiza 3 - Melodic Progressive)
    22:00-23:00 (eibiza Latina - Reggaeton)

    Monday 21:00 eibiza Latina - Reggaeton

    Friday 21:00 eibiza Remember - 80s

    Radio eibiza

    On air every sunday, appetizer time, on eibiza 3 with the 2-hour extended edition of Connections, an exclusive Melodic Progressive programme

    Then at 22:00 in the Latina channel for a crazy Reggaeton DJset session.

    Check out and tune in!

  • Maxximixx Electra

    22:00 Saturdays

    Maxximixx Electra

    Tune in Saturdays from 22:00 to 23:00 CET for my exclusive 1-hour streaming DJset (under the "Numatra" pseudonym) on Maxximixx Electra - Tel Aviv

    Genre: Trance

  • Twitch

    All weekends


    Riding The Soundwave: Anthology

    Tune in during all the weekends on Twitch for an anthology of Riding The Soundwave, Chris' flagship programme, ideal for workout, daydreaming and beach relax.

DJ for Hire

If you can offer a space for a live performance, I can travel to your place. Get in touch!


For any question, reach out to me and I will get back to you shortly.

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