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Spotify Playlist: Melodic Progressive, Vocal Trance and Progressive House from the "Riding the Soundwave" webradio series. Built this playlist by adding the top-played tracks of the program. A track gets added every week until the size of 100 tracks are reached. Ideal for work, daydreaming and light sports activity when listening to Spotify.

Station Omega Station Omega: Synthwave and retro eletronic music brings you back in the 80s arcades with a new energy. From the Synthwave Facebook group. 24 hours of great retro-inspired music!

Super Synthwave Super Synthwave: Synthwave followed by about 700 enthusiasts, has everything to satisfy the most demanding retro synth fan. Includes: Daydream Remix.

Electro Goosebumps Electro Goosebumps: 5 hours of hand-picked, electronic sound to give you true goosbumps! Includes: Daydream Synthwave Remix. Bass on!

(include any of my tracks in your Spotify playlist and then contact me: a link to your playlist will be added here)


For any question, reach out to me and I will get back to you shortly.

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