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I would like to thank people and websites who have contributed to my work.

  • Mike Monday

    Mike Monday

    Mike Monday is in the music production business since years and he's the best in helping artists in streamlining their production work cycle. He invited me in his 11-day Idea Explosion Challenge and on his Momentum Moday initiative. Thanks to his method, I managed to write down an incredible set of more than 40 track ideas in lss than one month. A few of my lately released tracks come out from that pack. Check out his site Make Music Your Life for more info and free tips.

  • Radio eibiza

    Radio eibiza

    French DJ and entrepreneur Gerome Meyer is hosting my show Riding the Soundwave is on air every sunday morning on a wonderful 2-hour extended edition, since the beginning of 2020. You can listen to the worldwide-known in various platforms, including mobile app, orange box and of course website. Because of this collaboration, France and Canada alone covered over 40% of my listener's base and were the target of more than 1700 streams of my DJsets in 2020.

  • Danpen Radio

    Danpen Radio

    Danpen Radio broadcasted live premieres of my show Riding the Soundwave on regular basis on saturday afternoon, at snack time. DanPen redio is sill broadcasting past episodes on rotation.

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