Chris Lyons DJ

Multiverse 19

Cover of Multiverse 19
Multiverse 19
Cover of Multiverse 19


1. MOSHIC - Passionate Love
2. Mikas - The Fire (Club Dub)
3. Redspace, UNWA - Areas Of Darkness (Balkan Connection)
4. Multimen - Sugar Loaf (Original Mix)
5. Katrin Souza - External Intention (Redspace Remix) [Airis Recordings]
6. Smart Wave - Visare (Databass Remix Edit)
7. Chris Lyons DJ - First Contact (Extended Mix)
8. Redspace, Lluis Ribalta, Eleene - Malaika (Uncles Music)
9. Andre Guarda - Supercluster (Original Mix)
10. Lunatique - Can't Stop (Original Mix)
11. Roberto Traista - Echoes of Lightbulbs (Original Mix)
12. Adam Kaase - Hexagon (Original Mix)

Part of: Multiverse

Cover picture: Instagram (see all credits)

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