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Multiverse 43

Cover of Multiverse 43
Multiverse 43
Cover of Multiverse 43

One hour of innovative progressive house and melodic techno. Lots of intersting, new and experimental stuff in this set!


1. Andy Woldman - Opus 4
2. Elecground - Cosmonaut (DJ Beat2 Remix)
3. Redspace, ISMAIL.M - Pilot
4. Adam Kaase - Journey
5. Redspace, IAM LILITH - Every Moment
6. Michael A - Street Noise (Ewan Rill Remix)
7. Ferdinando Olaya - Satet (ECHO DAFT Remix)
8. INTERSPHERE - Afterlife
9. Sean & Dee - Metaphysic (Some Of Remix)
10. Vellichor - Fever Dream
11. Redspace, ISMAIL.M - Hey Ha
12. Gav Easby - Morning Sax (Nightbob Remix)
13. Coolnick + Hall - Lost Inside (Instrumental)
14. Nakiso - Do
15. Stevie Jones & Trident Sound System - Arcadia
16. Ekis Ekis - Last Letter

Part of: Multiverse

Thanks labels: INU, Ekebeat Music, Uncles Music, Photonic Music, Like That Underground, VSA Recordings, NuHouse, SoundSerfing Records, Bassmatic Records, Free, Grand Cherokee Records, Vidno Airlines, Zephyr Music, Cho-ku-rei

Cover picture: Instagram retrocyberwave (see all credits)

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