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Connections 32

Cover of Connections 32
Connections 32
Cover of Connections 32

This episode of Connections will bring you to unexplored world. Fasten your seat belt, and prepare to fly...


1. Yasin Guven & Cloudcage - Without You (Nipika Remix)
2. DTALM - Sparkling Eyes (Original Mix)
3. LLIT - Dancing Underwater
4. Z8phyR - Sojourn Inside (IPeiqi Remix)
5. Cosmaks & Aria Deep x Jan Martin - We Feel It (Melchi Remix)
6. BVGSY DEL MAR - Enchanted Garden (Original Mix)
7. Redspace, ISMAIL.M - Indie Night
8. Nipika - A New Beginning (Original mix)
9. Cloudcage - Joyride (2bnsn Remix)
10. Kirill Maxsimoff - Shadow Play (Valiant Remix)
11. Lenz - Still I Rise (The Hamburg Mix)
12. larsson lamove - Dive into another World
13. Melchi - Pure Love (Terry Gaters Remix)

Part of: Connections

Thanks labels: Synth Collective, Summer Melody, NuHouse, Sunset Horizon, Techenie, Sapient Robots, Colour and Pitch, Vorwarts Musik

Cover photo: Instagram impeccable.places (see all credits)

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