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Connections 26

Cover of Connections 26
Connections 26
Cover of Connections 26


1. Alexxon - We Move Forward (Original mix)
2. Mekao - Mowbray Park (Original Mix)
3. Cacti & Sounflow - KnosOne (Original Mix)
4. Laxeno57&Arentis - New Beginnings
5. Melchi - Hometown
6. Edvard Hunger - Let will be the music (Original Mix)
7. 2bnsn - Mirai (Original mix)
8. AntahKarana - Destiny (Original Mix)
9. Skyhunter & Josiah1 - Neverending Love (Original Mix)
10. Inon Bramy - Soul (Original Mix)
11. Slash Eleven - Lebewesen (Original Mix)
12. Aphelio - Elysium

Thanks labels for promo copies: Synth Collective, Summer Melody, Abstract Space Records, Sunset Horizon, Whitelabel, Vorwarts Musik, Soundserfing Records

Part of: Connections

Cover photo: Instagram (see all credits)

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