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Connections 12

Cover of Connections 12
Connections 12
Cover of Connections 12

The first set of 2022, but it's a sort of "Greatest Hits" made up with favorites of 2021 selections.


1. Yusuke Teranishi & inxisiv - Departure (Shion Hinano Remix)
2. Caira - You Were The Truth (Original Mix)
3. Bound to Divide - So Alone (Extended Mix)
4. Z8phyR - Wistful Memory (Xenioxe Remix)
5. LTN Ghostbeat - After Dark
6. Katrin Souza - Pink Jellyfish
7. Mark & Lukas - When Nature is Awakening (Original mix)
8. Imperss - Light Summer (Original Mix)
9. Mark Moncrieff - Point Nemo (Original Mix)
10. Gav Easby - Just Chillax
11. Eric de la Vega - Warm Air (Original Mix)
12. Yusuke Teranishi feat. Shuntaro Sogabe - Everlasting (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
13. Blenx - A New Day (Original Mix)
14. Josiah1 - Connection (Skyhunter Remix)
15. Chris Lyons DJ - Amour (Extended Mix)

Part of: Connections

Cover picture: Instagram abdullah_evindar (see all credits)

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