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Connections 11

Cover of Connections 11
Connections 11
Cover of Connections 11

Here is the latest (and last for 2021) episode of Connections. May this one be the background of wondeful moments with your loved ones this christmas!


1. Yusuke Teranishi & Jan Martin - Feels alright (Winterya Remix) [Synth Collective]
2. Imperss - The Sun In Her Eyes (Original Mix)
3. Redspace, UNWA - Rabbit Hole [Soundteller]
4. Solarized - Imagination (Original Mix) [Summer Melody]
5. Charesian - Dreaming Of You (Extended Mix) [Soundserfing Records]
6. Ekayel - Demain [Layer Caked Records]
7. Skyhunter - Smile After Sadness (Caira Remix) [Summer Melody]
8. Alexxon - Mount Wudang (Original mix) [Synth Collective]
9. No Hopes - Sadness (Original Mix) [ZYX Music]
10. Marko-D - Kemblo [Neostatics Sounds]
11. The Husky - Autumn (Original Mix) [Summer Melody]
12. Aldo Moro - Ocean (Extended Mix) [Neostatics Sounds]

Thanks to labels: Synth Collective, Summer Melody, Neostatics Sounds, Soundserfing Records,Soundteller, ZYX Music for promo tracks.

Part of: Connections

Cover picture: Instagram abdullah_evindar (see all credits)

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