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Connections 09

Cover of Connections 09
Connections 09
Cover of Connections 09

Thanks for letting our channel grow! Here is a new fresh mix of contemporary melodic progressive and progressive house, exploring new sound sensations.


1. Katrin Souza - Pink Jellyfish [HOROSHO]
2. Mark & Lukas - Bring Me Back To My Childhood (Original mix) [Synth Collective]
3. Yasin Guven - Breathe (Original mix) [Synth Collective]
4. Alexxon - Echoes From The Valley (Original mix) [Synth Collective]
5. Chris Lyons DJ - First Contact (Extended Mix) [Transerfing Records]
6. Imperss - Transience
7. Kye Murray - Giving Up Again (Extended Mix) [Neostatics Sounds]
8. Skyhunter - Smile After Sadness (Mekao Remix) [Summer Melody]
9. Gav Easby - Just Chillax [Symmetric Records]
10. Slowonder - Remember (Extended Mix) [Tendertronica Records]
11. Rodri Santos - Introspection (Extended Mix) [Neostatics Sounds]

Part of: Connections

Cover photo: Instagram impeccable.places (see all credits)

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