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Connections 08

Cover of Connections 08
Connections 08
Cover of Connections 08

Connections explores new sounds and atmospheres for chillout, meditation and daydreaming. Contemporary melodic progressive and progressive house.
Thanks labels: Summer Melody, KHB, Zephyr Music, Synth Collective, Blessed Cross Records for promos.


1. Skyline Project - Distant Horizon (Original Mix)
2. Kery Fay, Sir Gladis & Audiophant - Fading Memories (Extended Version)
3. Inon Bramy - Justice (Original Mix)
4. Blenx - A New Day (Extended Mix)
5. Mark & Lukas - Eagle Vision (Original mix)
6. Foby & Giangi Cappai - Life Storm (Original Mix)
7. Katrin Souza - Come Back Soon
8. Kapasi - Where we at (Original Mix)
9. Solarized - Unity (Original Mix)
10. Eldamaran - Chill Way
11. After Sunrise - Better Days (Original Mix)
12. Maze (UA) - Road To Dream (Original Mix)

Part of: Connections

Cove photo: Instagram impeccable.places (see all credits)

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