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Connections 06

Cover of Connections 06
Connections 06
Cover of Connections 06

Here is the sixth episode of "Connections", melodic progressive djset programme entirely focused on recent releases. Thanks to labels: Synth Collective, Summer Melody, Sunset Horizon, INU Musika


1. Inon Bramy - Memories (Original Mix)
2. Mark & Lukas - When Nature is Awakening (Original mix)
3. Alexxon - Mount Wudang (Original mix)
4. Blenx - A New Day (Tarifa Remix)
5. Mike McCarthy - The Light of Hope
6. After Sunrise - Beyond The Horizon (Original Mix)
7. Vintage & Morelli feat. Arielle Maren - Valley Of Hope (Extended Mix)
8. Kay-D - Enchanted Planet (NeoTraffic Remix)
9. Melchi - Flaming Cloud (Extended Mix)
10. Cloudcage - A Safe Place (Original mix)

Part of: Connections

Cover photo: Instagram art_siroj (see all credits)

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