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Connections 05

Cover of Connections 05
Connections 05
Cover of Connections 05

Here is the fifth episode of "Connections", melodic progressive djset programme entirely focused on recent releases. Thanks to labels: Synth Collective, Summer Melody, Sunset Horizon, INU Musika


1. Melchi - Blooming Hope (Original Mix)
2. Imperss - Light Summer (Original Mix)
3. Deni Sunrise - Alone In Flight (Original Mix)
4. Vintage & Morelli feat. Arielle Maren - Heartbeat (Extended Mix)
5. Skyline Project - Distant Horizon (Andrew Frenir Remix)
6. Michael A - Trails (Spirit & the Guide Remix)
7. Maze (UA) - Road To Dream (Original Mix)
8. Katrin Souza - Lost Sun (INU Musika)
9. Alexxon - Echoes From The Valley (Original mix)
10. Nipika - Shoreline (Original Mix)
11. Skua & Cosmaks - Sundance (Original mix)
12. MLDJ - Polar Lights (Original Mix)

Part of: Connections

Cove photo: Instagram impeccable.places (see all credits)

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