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INUniverse Delight

Cover of INUniverse Delight
INUniverse Delight
Cover of INUniverse Delight

My selection of wonderful INU Records' tracks from the past 12 months, specially mixed for Spotify and Apple Music.


1. Franco Tejedor - A Better World (IN2U Records)
2. Ricardo Piedra - Herbs (Franco Tejedor Remix) (INU)
3. Andy Woldman - Shade of the Sun (INU)
4. Enertia-sound - The Defined Reason (Tomic Remix) (INU)
5. Nikko Mavridis - Senseless (INU)
6. Nightbob - Crystal Madness (INU)
7. Chris Lyons - Deep Dive (Katrin Souza Remix)
8. Albuquerque & Foletto - Havana Dub (Enertia-Sound Remix)
9. Ewan Rill - Friends Forever (INU)
10. Mattias Herrera - Aldea (INU)
11. Gux Jimenez - Mercedino (INU)
12. Audioglider - Ephemeral
13. Juan Ibanez - The Eagle Departure (Gav Easby Remix) (INU)
14. Facundo Sosa - Amethyst (CJ Peeton Remix, IN2U Records)
15. The Hive - Saraplar (Goda Brother Remix) (INU)

All track released by INU Records (see all credits)

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